Department of Student Welfare

Youth welfare Department

Youth welfare department looks after co-curricular activities of students and prepares teams for participation in youth festival items like dance, skit, mime, mimicry, installation, fancy dress, elocution, rangoli, quiz, debate etc. For cultural development, each year, the students are sent in summer camp where they learn social skills. Such camps help promote the talents, creative skills, sports potential and adventure skills, ultimately helping them grow more independent and confident.

Health facility

College keeps first aid kid and equipment for blood pressure monitoring and medicines for minor problems like headache, stomachache, acidity etc. In case of emergency,  the doctor visits college campus or student is taken to community health center which is within 1 km distance.

Environment awareness

College is located in pollution free area, away from traffic and noise of vehicles. The students and faculty care for environment preservation. Plantation is done from time to time. Environment day, world water day etc. are observed every year. Campus cleanliness committee encourages students to throw garbage in bins and also to produce less waste, reuse the things if possible.

Anti ragging and sexual harassment committee

 To check the menace of ragging, to promote gender equity and to provide an amiable environment  to students, an anti-ragging and Sexual Harassment Committee has been constituted vide Letter No. 20794-904Estt/A-8 dated 30-07-2014 and Letter No. 2528-2638Estt/A-8 dated 29-01-2015 on the directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.


To ensure safety, security of students and female employees, college has installed cctv cameras at many places. Watchmen and security guards are on duty all the 24 hours.