Principal Message

Principal’s message

In this 21st century, the education scenario is changing speedily. Experimentation seems to dominate the zone of the education leading to uniformisation and internaliation of the educational system. The present times, marked by a muddled situation, cut – throat competition and insensitivity towards others; stipulate rethinking on how best education can put in for a peaceful coexistence of all.

No one can deny the essential role education has to play in this century to bring about the much desired catharsis of our society beset by violence, hatred, anger, frustration, lawlessness and uncaring feeling for others. We are certain that all the teachers and parents have a major role to play and need to make collective efforts to consolidate the educational system.

Guru Nanak Dev University College Narot Jaimal Singh, all along its journey, has striven towards excellence with the collaboration of all the concerned, namely faculty, non- teaching staff, parents, students and well- wishers, to each one of whom we convey our sincere and profound appreciation with an enthusiastic hope that they will always continue to support and stand by the institution which they cherish so much.

Students work in an environment where they are stretched and challenged and have their expectations raised to achieve demanding targets. This is evidenced in the latest results where our students have done exceptionally well. Such success is a result of the partnership between the College, the students and parents through our commitment to parental engagement. I am very proud of the exceptional body of teaching staff we have working across the College, engaging the students in a wide range of exciting learning opportunities.

At Guru Nanak Dev University College Narot Jaimal Singh we will place every student in a position where they are afforded choices through their lives, unconstrained; by the expectations of others, by their own ambitions and by external requirements and boundaries. All students are an intricate combination of both strengths and areas for improvement. Understanding these elements is the key to discovering and fulfilling their potential. Guru Nanak Dev University College Narot Jaimal Singh is a challenging and yet exhilarating place to learn. Keeping in line with our mission and vision, Guru Nanak Dev University College Narot Jaimal Singh will never ever fail to share learning with humanity for a very human cause to transform citizens as noble souls.

I am thankful to the Honorable Vice Chancellor Sh. Anurag Verma, learned Dean Academic Affairs Dr. Navdeep Singh Tung, erudite Dean C.D.C., Dr. Rakesh Mahajan and genial Registrar Dr. K.S. Kahlon for their support to run this institution efficiently.

I would warmly welcome you to come and visit to experience for yourself all that Guru Nanak Dev University College Narot Jaimal Singh has to offer.

Dr. Arpana
Guru Nanak Dev University College Narot Jaimal Singh